Stretch Wrap

Top Seal Packaging distributes a quality line of stretch films in both machine and hand grade. Our manufacturers’ produce both cast, blown, and pre-stretched, stretch films in a wide variety of lengths, thicknesses, widths and colors. Our customer service is dedicated to providing you with the right product.

Cast Stretch Film’s extrusion process produces film with excellent clarity and enhanced tear resistant quality as well as, a more powerful cling.  Cast Stretch Film is a more forgiving film, meaning it takes less force to stretch during application and has a much quieter unwind than blown film.

Blown Stretch Film’s extrusion process is vastly different creating a much tougher film with less clarity.  The blown film is much more resilient needing more force during application which gives it a remarkable load-holding power and its fierce puncture resistance properties.  Blown stretch film has a louder unwind than cast film but, it’s high tear resistance quality makes it a challenge even for sharp edges.

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